Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Virginia on Dangerous Papers Please Road of Arizona

I am against the police being able to ask for immigration status, even if they must stop you for a legit stop. The potential for abuse is staggering.

One Example: What if you left your license at home which we have all done, now if you can't prove you are legal, then they can detain you until you can prove your legality, at their discretion.

Or, If the cops or a government official doesn't like you, say cause they read your bumper stickers, or know you of you and your political views, then they can use this to harass you. A cop can make up any 'legit' reason to pull you.

In Arizona they can stop you while walking and you must produce and prove who you are. Walking???? America is a free country and we don't have to carry ID or papers when walking. There is a new Virginia Rule of Law Act (2010) being passed around that is so vague that it could include them stopping you while walking. This is a proposal by politician Corey Stewart.

Also, currently if I am a passenger I don't have to have ID on me, but under this Arizona type decision in Virginia and especially if that bill passes in VA, then if as a passenger I don't have ID then they can detain me.

Are we resigned to the fact that we must carry papers anywhere we go as passengers or walking down the street. I Refuse! I will fight these Nazi style carry papers please laws til my dying breath. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

I am Glad the judge struck down the egregious parts of the Arizona Law. I love Ken Cuccinelli, and his work defeating the Individual Mandate of Obamacare, but shame on him for basically creating an Attorney General Executive order to make us carry our papers.
Kirby Harris