Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Constitutional Candidate Floyd Bayne asks Cantor why he won't debate - from Richomond Examiner

Photo by Kirby Harris
Will Independent Tea Party candidate Floyd Bayne get a debate with Cantor?

With Tea Party and constitutionalist candidates winning across the country could one of their candidates win in Virginia?

Currently across Virginia Tea Party and constitutionalist candidates are running this year in almost every district. You have Independents Floyd Bayne - 7th and Jeffery Clark - 5th, as well as Libertarian Party candidates James Quigley - 3rd, Stuart Bain - 6th, Matt Mosley - 8th, William Redpath – 10th and David Dotson - 11th.

Floyd Bayne thinks such wins are entirely possible. He is currently running against five term Republican Congressman and incumbent Eric Cantor. (Read More)

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