Friday, October 29, 2010

Eric Cantor, controlled events and Police State tactics? - Part One

Controlled Event with Police State Tactics or Normal Arrest?

Eric Cantor has a special control crowd event, typical in today's party politics, in Louisa County at a local coffee shop, Solid Grounds.

According to eye witnesses, a senior citizen, Jon Taylor, while drinking his coffee, was told by police that he could stay but could not leave his car in front because it had Waugh signs and bumper stickers on it.

(Since when do police have the authority to do that?)

Mr. Taylor showed a meter receipt and the police left.

Then according to these same witnesses, police then returned and told Mr. Taylor that if he didn't leave then they would arrest him for trespassing. He was then taken outside and that's where we can see what happened next on the video.

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