Wednesday, December 29, 2010

War is the Health of the Sate (and the Economy too)

David Broder in his Washington Post Article, seemingly is advocating that Obama ramp up war with Iran to spur economic growth, and the war faction of the Republican Party will love him for it (though secretly).

You know the old saying:

"War is the Health of the State."

I guess in their view the economy too. They want to repeat history. War got us out of the Great Depression, not FDR's policies as claimed by revisionist historians.

Obama's policies, like FDR's will only get us in worse economic conditions and prolong the financial mess. People don't realize that the rest of the world got over the Great Depression in a couple of years, and only called it 'The Depression'; only we called it the great Depression. But FDR, like Obama now, enacted policies that made it worse.

People also believed that Herbert Hoover was a Laissez Faire conservative Republican. History really has repeated itself:

A fake non-free market Conservative Republican (Hoover/Bush), who was really a socialisy-lite, became president and enacted policies that hurt the economy, then rushed to bail it out with more failed economic policies.

Then a Democrat progressive socialist was elected President (FDR/Obama) because of the failed policies of the Republican socialist (Hoover/Bush), and blamed the problem on the Free Market.

Then once the Free Market was blamed, the Socialist Democrat President (FDR/Obama) began to enforce more failed socialist/fascist policies and near dictatorial presidential power. And this caused a depression to turn into a great depression, and the only way out: