Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Paying Their Fair Share and the Same Rules Apply

I was duct-tapping my head last night when I heard Obama saying 'fair share' and 'same rules apply'.
And Obama would be right if he meant getting government out of the way by removing the regulations and policies that favor some financial activity over others and picks winners and losers financially.

Then people would all have the same rules and a fair share at succeeding through their hard work, not a fair share through some paying higher tax rates than others.

If I make more and pay the same percent as someone who makes less, then I still pay more aka my 'fair share'.

Obama needs to apply the 'fair share' rhetoric to the government not taking more than its 'fair share'. The government gets more than its 'fair share' from the American people through their salaries and business profits.

Obama, the ultimate Crony Capitalist, allows his buddy donor's corporations to pay no taxes. Tax loopholes sold to the highest bidder. And before you mention W. Bush, he was just as bad. And I attacked him then for the same actions.

The mistake people make, especially most but not all of the Occupy Movement, is thinking that all Wall Street, Conservatives, Republicans and Capitalism are bad and to blame for the financial crisis and income disparities.

When some of Wall Street and real capitalism is good, and Democrats and so-called progressives are just as bad and just to much to blame for the financial crisis and income disparities, while pretending to be anti-Wall Street.

And, Obama is the biggest offender of them all. He was backed and funded by Wall Street more than any other candidate in history.

And finally, real capitalism isn't bad, and what caused all the economic turmoil was crony capitalism also known as corporatism.

For the uninitiated, Crony Capitalism or Corporatism is a bastardized form of capitalism which isn't capitalism at all. It is when the government gets in bed with Corporations and makes rules and regulations that favor the corporations that fund their campaigns and give them slush money and hurt small (Mom and Pop) businesses. The government picks winners and losers, sometimes even among the corporations, based on favor through who pays the most or who their buddies are. Sometimes the government is paid to create private monopolies or public ones that hire their favored corporations to run them.

Its time for all of us 99% to stand up to the government and the crony capitalists, demanding they stop all the favoritism that robs our money tax through high taxes and government sanctioned corporate financial scams. This would give everybody a 'fair share' and make the 'same rules apply' through a true free market without government favoritism to the corporations who are the highest bidders. Not a fake 'fair share through more taxes giving the government an unfair share.