Saturday, August 18, 2012

Release Brandon Raub Protest Press Release from the Tri-City Liberty Alliance

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*Watch the arrest video at the bottom

FROM The Tri-City Liberty Alliance 


As most of you know to day we staged a protest at the John Randolph Medical Center in support of Mr. Brandon Raub who was illegally detained by the FBI and US Secret Service on Friday night. He is being held in the John Randolph Medical Center against his will because he exercised his First Amendment right of free speech and the US Government does not like the he speech used against them. You may or may not agree with Mr. Raub's verbiage, thoughts, beliefs, or opinions, but non of those things matter. What does matter is that he has a Constitutional right to express those views and the government does not have the right to detain him over his free speech.

Tomorrow we will again be protesting at John Randolph Medical Center in his support and the support of all Americans right to Free Speech. I will be getting there around 9:00 am. We need you out there with us holding a sign and talking to people. Today we just had three of us there and we stood strong from noon to 7:00 pm. We hope tomorrow we can have every member of the TCLA attend. The more of us who are there will make a bigger impact and spread the message that we will not sit in the dark and allow the government to take our rights from us at their will. We will not go quietly into the night and burry our heads in the sand, but that will will stand up and fight their efforts to destroy our liberties. We will tell the government that we are freedom loving people and we will stand strong in protecting those freedoms. Please Stand with me in the good fight. We have a voice, and we must use it to fight for our freedom as did the patriots that have come before us from the founding fathers and freedom fighter of the Revolutionary War to the battles of today. Our words will be our bullets and our message we spread our bombs. If we stand together we will be heard.

Today a battle was fought for our freedom but the war is far from won. Fellow Patriots, join me tomorrow and make this battle one step closer to winning the war, protecting our liberty, and our beloved way of life. We want to occupy every intersection in the are. Things to know for tomorrow:

1. It will be hot so bring some thing for you to drink.

2. You can not park on John Randolph Medical Center Property.

3. You must stay on the curb and sidewalk. Do not trespass on peoples property or on the John Randolph Medical Center property.

4. I have some White boards and markers that you can make a sign with but I only have a few left. If you go to the Dollar Tree in the Crossing Shopping Center they have white boards for a Dollar each.

5. Bring a umbrella in case it rains.

6. My Phone number if you have questions or suggestions: 804-243-0036.

Please, if you know any freedom loving people not in the group pass them off to them as well, we need all the help and support we can muster.

I hope to see you all there tomorrow.

Brandon Howard

A lover of LIBERTY and our Grate Nation

*Watch the arrest video