Thursday, April 11, 2013

Senate Uses Doctors For Gun Control

Dear Joe Biden;
Not coming for our guns? The ‘Black Helicopter people’ are just paranoid? Nothing to see here – just some “reasonable” gun control coming down from on high? We shouldn’t worry about the Obama Administration “swooping down” on us?
110616doctorLet me tell you something, Mr. Vice President: You’ll never be President. You’ll never be more than a joke on America, because that’s what Barack Obama does. He puts people in positions who are nothing more than lapdogs for his agenda and will do nothing more than help him ram it through. But you’re right about one thing Joe – you’re not going to be swooping down to get anyone’s guns anytime soon, because it is tyranny such as the goals of this Administration which the Founding Fathers warned us about when they wrote The Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights.
Directly after the Right to Free Speech came the Right to Bear Arms, friendo.
The Second Amendment does not compel you to purchase or own a weapon. It does not guarantee the privilege of quail hunting, nor does it bestow on us the freedom to take our sons and daughters target shooting. The Second Amendment was to provide a firewall against a government of tyrants who would otherwise subjugate us.
Guns are for hunting despots, Mr. Biden – not pheasants. And stripping away any part of the Second Amendment is an act of treason by all politicians who are entrusted to uphold The Constitution above all else. (read more)
Article written by Joe the Plumber