Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Marco Rubio: Salesman for Neocon Total War on Iran

By Kurt Nimmo - May 15, 2019 at 08:10PM


Once again, Marco Rubio is trying to tell us Trump’s neocons are not interested in a war with Iran, despite the fact they have loudly and persistently called for one for two decades.
Rubio’s intelligence on a devious Iranian plan to kill Americans (in Iraq illegally and against the will of the Iraqi people) is nothing but horse feathers. 

It doesn’t get a passing grade in the effective use of propaganda. It is relatively easy to debunk everything they tell us. The first reaction to any corporate media news story should be skepticism. It should be assumed they are lying, especially about foreign policy directed by inveterate liars and accomplices in mass murder and other war crimes. 

Now we’re told Iran moved missiles into Iraq this week in response to threats by Bolton and Pompeo. In fact, it was almost a year ago Iran “transferred short-range ballistic missiles to allies in Iraq,” Reuters reported on August 31, 2018. 

“If Iran duplicates its formula from Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen by sending long-range missiles to Iraq, then future conflicts with Israel would likely include military action on Iraqi soil,” writes The Washington Institute, which is an AIPAC cutout

In July 2018, Seth J. Frantzman posted the “Arabic website Al-Jarida reported on July 21 that Israel will bomb Iraq and that it has obtained a list of Iranian targets.” Al-Jarida learned from informed sources that Israel has set a list of targets inside Iraqi territory, in preparation for hitting them, claiming that they were Iranian military sites used to transport weapons, equipment and elements to Syria. Israel has conducted numerous attacks on Syria, primarily conducted in Lebanese airspace in violation of international law.

Frantzman cites the source as saying the newspaper “obtained exclusive aerial photographs of the targets that Israel intends to hit, including border crossings with Iran…”
The sources pointed out that in recent years, Israel has frequently monitored Iranian attempts to create a land corridor from Tehran through Baghdad to Syrian territory, adding that some of these Iraqi positions now controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were under the control of the US military in Iraq.”
The part of this “land corridor” in Iraq has existed for centuries. Shia Muslims from Iran have taken a religious pilgrimage to holy sites in Najaf and Karbala (the main center of Shia scholarship) in Iraq. 

There are also major Shia religious sites in Baghdad. Lebanon is more than half Shia Muslim and home to Hezbollah, while Syria has a ruling Alawite minority led by the al-Assad family. Syria has a debt of gratitude to Iran and Russia for mostly eliminating the Saudi-US Salafist Islamic State threat. 

Saudi Arabia has demonstrated its capacity for psychotic viciousness by attacking the marginally-Shia (Zaidi sect) Houthi in Yemen. Intense centuries-long hatred of the Shia inspires murderous rage in the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and his family, the keeper of Islam’s most sacred holy sites. This is a particular sore spot for the Wahhabi Saudis because Yemen is located on the Arabian Peninsula. 

Marco Rubio has yet to tell us how going to war against Iran benefits the United States and the American people. All he can do—all any neocon can do—is talk in clich├ęd generalities about democracy and freedom for the Iranian people. It’s all cover for the real benefactor—Israel. 

Rubio is a creation of Sheldon Adelson, Normal Braman, Paul Singer, and Larry Ellison—all mega-donors to the cause of Israel in the United States. 

Back in 2015, Republican candidate Trump tweeted:
Fast-forward four years. Sheldon owns Trump. The Donald’s Orthodox Jewish (and good friend of Likudnik Bibi Netanyahu) son-in-law dictates policy for the administration. 

Jared Kushner’s influence shaped his father-in-law’s decisions to move the US embassy to Jerusalem while also signing off on the illegally annexed Golan Heights and the possible annexation of large areas of the West Bank set aside for Zionist settlers, all in direct violation of international law.

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