Friday, January 29, 2010


Written by Joe Kennedy

A great woman recently said to me "You're on a roll...this isn't the last time people hear of Joe Kennedy" and I said "NO! it was the First". It's the first because this isn't about me, it's about all of us and what we are doing needed to be done decades ago. We know Government (notice the Big G) is the cause of our problems:

Question: Why is Healthcare so costly ? Answer: Government (Look up the Anti-Trust Exemption!)

Question: What caused the housing bubble ? Answer: Government (Look up the Community Reinvestment Act)

Question: Who is the nation's Biggest Polluter ? Answer: Government (More than $300Billion in unclaimed pollution)

Question: Why have real wages remained stagnant since 1972 ? Answer: Government (Currency Manipulation from the FED)

Question: Who takes more of your money than anyone ? Answer: Government (Look at your paycheck)


Recently politicians have whined about potential grid lock in Washington in the Senate. I Say Good. That is like saying the wrecking ball coming to take down your house got stuck.

It's time to stop this ! Today ! Without delay! Join 3rd parties. Join the Center for Small Government. Run For Office. Protest. Get off your couch, turn off your TV. Don't listen to the media, look at your paycheck - be upset! Look at your children's education, the pot holes on your street. Where is your money going? Did the money you gave go to the government get you what you want? No it didn't, it got them richer, it propped up companies. You bailed out the banks, you are paying for wars, you are paying for their private planes and the Washington aristocracy. Were you asked? No! Were you thanked ? No ! You were stolen from and now they are telling you they are coming for more and you can do nothing. Don't Listen ! Do Something ! Support candidates with principle, call your representative, go to a Tea Party, become a watchdog, with TEETH !!!

Start today. Whether you run yourself or support someone else don't wait! Lead by Example. Get up, run, donate, protest, volunteer. We are the difference and that difference starts now!