Sunday, May 9, 2010

Virginia Liberty Party 27th House District Endorsements

We at the Virginia Liberty Party do not field our own candidates, but are an endorsement only political party that endorses pro-liberty constitutional candidates no matter what their political affiliation.

We have endorsed both Jason King and Sherman Litton for Delegate in the Virginia General Assembly for the 27th House District.

Both candidates answered questions about our four Points of Liberty to our satisfaction, so we choose to endorse both of them. (The four points of Liberty are listed on our home page)

Here are personal statements written by both of the candidtes that we endorsed:

JAY KING: Following Sam Nixon as your next delegate will be a tough act to follow. But if you are looking for another strong Christian conservative who knows his principles and will not back down in the face of enemy combatants, regardless of the party or leadership, then vote for me, Jay King.
Like many of you, I have been frustrated with many of our legislators’ votes. Like you, I have desired to see change. Last fall, I took action and became a supporter of the Richmond TEA Party. Specifically, I joined the Legislative Committee where I lobbied legislators and assisted in passing the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act, which protects our right to choose our own health insurance. As a strong proponent of the 10th Amendment, I was glad to push back on the intrusion of the federal government.
As your delegate, I will take my oath seriously to uphold and defend the US and Virginia Constitutions first, just like Del. Bob Marshall and AG Ken Cuccinelli have. If legislators of either of the political parties desire to join me, then we will go a long way to returning to a limited constitutional government.
In addition, I believe we should get back to the basics of fiscal restraint, including cutting taxes and spending, and personal responsibility, including self-governance, which was a strong tenet supported by America’s Founding Fathers.
As I serve you, my fellow citizens, I will first and foremost honor God, of whom I am not ashamed. A cornerstone of my beliefs is my unequivocal respect and support for human life from conception to the grave. Then, I believe parents have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing and education of their children. Therefore, I strongly support school choice. Vote Jay King on May 10th

SHERMAN LITTON: It has been said that for evil to triumph all that needs to happen is for good people to do nothing. I could not agree more, and in light of the current state of our nation, that is why I am running for the House of Delegates. I believe in God, Family and Country — in that order. My wife, Linda, and I brought our children up in the church and we have long been active members of Beulah United Methodist Church. I believe that it is important to elect leaders who set the right example for our children and our neighbors. I have also been actively involved with my children in all their activities through their school years and even into their adult lives. Indeed, I still love nothing more than to go stay with my grandchildren to help out their Mom and Dad. America needs more citizens involved in their communities. I was taught you have to give back to your community and that means getting out and helping whenever and wherever you can. I have spent the better part of my life volunteering in Chesterfield in activities that have helped our children. I didn’t stop this when my own children were grown but continue today to do so and am proud that the County recognized me for the number of hours devoted to these efforts. I have been fortunate enough to have worked most of my working career on one of the most important issues facing Chesterfield County — transportation. I have gained invaluable experience over my life and am ready to put that work and experience to use representing the people of the 27th district. On the most pressing issues that face Chesterfield County “ transportation, the economy“ I have the background to make the right decisions. I have long believed in community and that individuals thrive best when there is less government restricting them. That means we must be committed to a course of lower taxes, less government spending, more personal freedom and a demand for more personal responsibility. It’s important to be involved and educated about issues that affect you and your neighbors. Experience lends itself to wise decision and I believe I have the experience needed to represent the people of the 27th District.

(These bios used by permission from the Richmond Tea Party)

The Republican Party Canvass will be conducted in three voting locations as follow:

Voters who normally vote in the following Precincts: Bird, Beulah, Meadowbrook, Falling Creek, Chippenham, Southside, Five Forks and Gates shall vote at the following location in this Party Canvass:

Meadowbrook High School – 4901 Cogbill Road Richmond, VA 23234

Voters who normally vote in the following Precincts: Providence, LaPrade, Jacobs, St. Lukes, Crenshaw and Genito shall vote at the following location in this Party Canvass:

 Manchester Middle School – 7401 Hull Street Road Richmond, VA 23235

Voters who normally vote in the following Precincts: South Manchester, Spring Run, Deer Run, Birkdale and Cosby shall vote at the following location in this Party Canvass:

Swift Creek Baptist Church – 7511 North Spring Run Road Midlothian, VA 23112

We will follow up with more information over the next 48 hours. Our goal is to provide you enough information about all candidates so that you can make an informed decision. The Richmond Tea Party is all about activism…let’s get rolling!

This voter location guide borrowed from the Richmond Tea Party right here.