Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Founders hated Democracy and why Marxists love it!

Our Founders hated democracy aka majority rules or mob rules. That's why they choose a representative republic, so the majority wouldn't abuse the minority, and so a minority wouldn't rule over the majority.

Here is how Steve Farrell puts it:

Which is why Marxists love democracy. Democracy, in the extreme, assumes as one of its rights the ‘right’ of the people to tell a business owner how he must manage his property (that he has put vision, capital, sweat, and risk into) – and yet no such right exists in our constitutional republic, excepting in individual cases where the owner in the management of his property violates the rights of others, recognizing that even in that latter case the right of government extends only to exacting justice (after guilt is established in a court of law, a traditional court with a jury of peers, before an impartial judge, not in an administrative court where one is guilty until proven innocent and the judge is on the payroll of the same federal agency that made the law and pressed charges), not dictating a plethora of interventionist policies. Just as importantly, one needs to remember that the communist definition of ‘people control’ or democracy is in practice, nothing less than state control.