Monday, December 6, 2010

Understanding Free Speech, the 1st Amendment and Wiki-Leaks

Fox's Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses why the government doesn’t have a right to prosecute WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for releasing government documents.

The Constitution says:

The First Amendment protects Assange's free speech and freedom of the media, therefore the release of the documents by media is legal.

The 5th Amendment protects Assange from abuse of government authority in a legal procedure and 'due process' in court before they can take his life, liberty or property.

Therefore, the US government can't act like the Mafioso and harass Assange or bully his business partners as they did with his server host and his funding partner

We might not like what Assange is doing, but what the government is doing is more disgusting and if we allow them to violate his 1st and 5th amendment rights, then will we let them violate ours. And mark my words, if we let him violate his, then they will violate ours.

Read the leaked documents here: Wikileaks Archives