Monday, August 20, 2012

Latest Update: Retired Decorated Marine Brandon Raub's Hearing

Brandon Raub's hearing was this morning. The authorities and hospital refused to tell them exactly what time it would be but they were there, inside and waiting, while others protested outside. The hearing turned out to be three hours long and Brandon was not released to his family. We are waiting for his attorney to issue an official statement. I will share it the minute I get it.

Nathan Cox, one of several people working with the family to help free Brandon, has reported: “Brandon Raub’s hearing is over. An official statement is being released by the Rutherford Institute later today. All we know is that brandon did not come out of the hearing with the family, and we can only assume that he is still being held. the family has been advised by their attorneys not to answer any questions about the hearing and that’s why the rutherford institute will publish an article later today.”

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