Friday, May 24, 2013

The Hypocrisy of Bill Maher making racist statements against Wayne Brady that he would attack conservatives/libertarians for

I was watching an interview on CBS This Morning with Wayne Brady, when the hostess mentioned an altercation between Brady and Bill Maher that happened in the summer of 2012. I had never heard about this in the news. Big surprise.

Mr. Maher made a racist statement when saying he wished Obama's foreign policy was more like a real black man - unlike Wayne Brady. Insulting Wayne Brady as not being a real black man. Its kind of ironic that Maher called Wayne Brady not black enough while comparing him to Obama, when Wayne is 100% black and Obama is only half black/half white and raised by a white mother.

Some liberals have spoken out, but most gave it a pass. If a conservative like Sean Hannity or libertarian had said this the liberals would be howling bloody Murder, calling for the host to step down and demanding his network cancel the show. Even, Bill Mahar himself would have severely attacked any conservative or libertarian for making a statement like this.

The hypocricy of Bill Maher for making a racist statement calling Wayne Brady not black enough when he would attack conservative/liberals for saying this. and the silent liberals for not making this a huge news story of this, like they would do if it was a conservative/libertarian host saying this is astounding!

From the Blaze:

The following link has some language that some might not like, especially foul language in the snoop dog interview that follows the Wayne Brady video:

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