Monday, December 9, 2013

Say NO! To a Constitutional Convention

With all the things that are going on politically, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest goings on in that arena. We have all heard voices in the not to distance past, talking about the need for a Constitutional Convention to right the wrongs of our current government. Pick an issue, and there are many, there are far too many people who seem to think that a CC is the way to "fix things." And now I am seeing articles/stories to that effect on my news feed. Apparently the desire is again being expressed to convene a CC, so we can fix our country.

Folks, this is not 1787 and that group of clowns, misfits, ne'er do wells, and outright idiots in Washington, D.C. is not your Founding Father's Congress. The same can be said for far too many state houses as well. Do you really want to allow a CC to be convened and then wait to see what comes out of that? Seriously? I don't know about you, but the mere thought scares the hell out of me.

The fact is that there is nothing at all wrong with our "form" of government. There is, however, a great deal wrong with the people who occupy the seats of that government and ultimately, you're not going to like me for this, but ultimately the fault/responsibility lies with each and every one who continues to vote for incumbents who have proven themselves to be enemies of the Constitution and the Republic. Oh it's one thing to vote for an unknown quantity and then find out you were duped, but to see the actions of your current representative over several terms, to look at the record and compare it to the rhetoric, to see the lies and the damage done, and yet continue to vote for "your guy," while admonishing the rest of us to "vote the bums out," is the height of selfishness and stupidity.

You want to fix things? You want to return to a constitutional government in a free Republic? THEN STOP VOTING FOR THE LETTER NEXT TO THE NAME, STOP VOTING FOR WHOMEVER YOUR "PARTY" OR THE MSM TELLS YOU TO VOTE FOR. Educate yourself and vote for the person who most closely represents your values and stop rewarding bad behavior with your continued support. Your representative is not going to change his ways because you write him a nastygram and threaten to take away your vote, only to vote for him yet again in the next election. He knows this and so he will tell you what you want to hear. Like the husband who beats his wife, he will promise to be better and never do it again, and then, after he gets your vote again, go right back to slapping you around.

Wake up, people! Stop trying to lay the blame at everyone's feet but your own. You can fix this. You can fix it in the next election cycle. All you have to do is stop giving your vote to scofflaws who lie to you at every opportunity, knowing that you will vote for them again. And for the love of all that is good and decent, stop demanding a Constitutional Convention! That will only allow them to screw things up even more by codifying it into law.