Monday, March 3, 2014

Chester Patriots ACTION ALERT: Fight OBAMACARE–ACT NOW Press Release


  1. Participate in a Statewide Revolt against Obamacare via email / phone campaign
  2. Budget Conferees Update
  3. Counter the left this Tuesday at the State Capitol at 11am



Over the next week it is critical that we be vigilant in contacting all our delegates and senators with the following message:  “Protect our healthcare by stopping the expansion of Obamacare.

Please vote for a clean budget - say no Medicaid expansion!”


  1. Virginia money will NOT go to other states.
  2. Currently Medicaid is 22% of the Virginia Budget
  3. Virginia sends about  65 Billion to DC and gets back about 136 Billion.
  4. Virginia cannot "opt-out" once we are in the Expansion..  "Hotel California"
  5. FRAUD in present Medicaid must be audited and reduced BEFORE adding any more people.
  6. Expansion Reduces service to the truly needy already on Medicaid
  7. Reduces funds for other Virginia programs - schools, safety, other medical, etc
  8. 40 to 60% in the expansion population ALREADY have private healthcare.
  9. Anyone earning less than the 138% above the poverty level is MANDATED to lose their private healthcare and go onto Medicaid which is less care.

Contact info Click here and  Who is my legislator?


The budget conferees have begun their deliberations. They began with a visit from Gov. McAuliffe who promptly said he would not sign a budget without Medicaid expansion. The House members responded that they would not submit a budget with Medicaid expansion.

We have a showdown!!

Here are the budget conferees. Please contact them OFTEN and tell them NO!

Senate:  Colgan, Hanger, Norment, Howell, Saslaw, Watkins

House:  Jones, Cox, Landes, O'Bannon, Greason, Joannou

Copy and paste to all:;;;;;;;;;;;

The House Republicans are going to be hammered by the press, hospital lobbyists,, the Governor and any other business that will benefit from billions of your tax dollars.

Our success is highly dependent on our ability to provide support to the House Republicans and their leadership. We have been told on several occasions by members of the House that they need us to demonstrate there are millions of Virginians who do not want the expansion of Obamacare in VA.


We can show our support by sending people to counter the rally

TUESDAY MARCH 4: 1000 Bank Street (State Capitol) at 11am.
Let’s show the left we care about this issue!!

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