Tuesday, May 12, 2020

New video by Larken Rose on YouTube

Stop Blaming the Virus!
No, the current ongoing economic catastrophe, and the resulting widespread depression, and suicides, and domestic violence, and child abuse, and drug overdoses, and alcohol abuse, and increased crime and violence, was NOT the result of a stupid virus. It was the result of "GOVERNMENT" and its asinine, evil, enforced "solutions." "The Most Dangerous Superstition": https://ift.tt/2LIwgGY (If you like this video, and want to donate to help me make more, feel free to fling a few bucks by PayPal to "tootruthy@gmail.com", by GooglePay to "larkenrose113@gmail.com", or by BTC to 1JBNbmTEPVkD3nhqX2RiGGutXXzKqBrarc )

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