Thursday, October 17, 2013

Obama Orders States to End EBT SNAP Payments Immediately, Could No November Food Stamp Benefits Have Meant Riots?

obama-food-stamp-card1The Obama Administration sent out letters stating that if the Government Shutdown did not end then Food Stamps would not be given to the millions on the SNAP program. This would mean no food for the millions who government has courted into the free food program paid for by hard working tax payers.

The food stamp program has doubled under Obama, which has created a whole new class of folks that become dependent on the government to eat. This puts the government in a powerful position a way to control the masses, and when the payments aren’t paid, what would happen? What would you do if your only source for food for you and your children were cut off? Rob, Steal, loot, riot? Most of us would say no, but if you had no way of procuring food for yourself or your kids, and had no skills or ability to hunt or barter, I think you would.

So the question is did Obama, who could have funded Food Stamps and cut elsewhere, do this to scare the public and House Republicans that if the government was not re-opened that he wood cut off the dependents and RIOTS would ensue, maybe their homes would be robbed? You decide.

Here is the letter to State coordinators: