Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why I have not "embraced statelessness"

By Julie Borowski, Token Libertarian Girl

Julie_BorowskiI sometimes get asked why I have not "embraced statelessness." I certainly welcome anarchists to engage in discussions on my page. I believe that all liberty lovers have a different role to play in the movement and there is not only one correct way to promote liberty. For me, I have found that the best use of my time is to focus on bringing new people into the larger liberty movement and reducing state interference in our lives as much as possible.

I'll let Murray Rothbard take it from here:

"For while libertarians have too often been opportunists who lose sight of or under-cut their ultimate goal, some have erred in the opposite direction: fearing and condemning any advances toward the idea as necessarily selling out the goal itself. The tragedy is that these sectarians, in condemning all advances that fall short of the goal, serve to render vain and futile the cherished goal itself. For much as all of us would be overjoyed to arrive at total liberty at a single bound, the realistic prospects for such a mighty leap are limited. If social change is not always tiny and gradual, neither does it usually occur in a single leap. In rejecting any transitional approaches to the goal, then, these sectarian libertarians make it impossible for the goal itself ever to be reached."


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