Friday, October 25, 2013

We need to have a meals tax in Chesterfield County to "help the children."

Posted by Floyd Bayne

Picture from the Richmond Times DispatchWe need to have a meals tax in Chesterfield County to "help the children." It's for the schools you know. It's always for the schools. Yet money very seldom seems to find its way into the classrooms. Instead it goes to support the bureaucracy that is Chesterfield County government.

I did some research and have compiled a list of the top 14 salaries in Chesterfield County's government. Starting with a school superintendent who makes $263,133 a year and his asst. superintendents, whose minimum salary is $151,989. Did you know that there are three physicians, yes PHYSICIANS, among the top 15 salaries, the minimum here is $172,073. There is even a "County Psychiatrist" at a salary of $161,748. Do you start to see the problem? But we need to create a brand new tax, because we just don't have enough money in Chesterfield County. The total for the top 14 salaries? $2,642,671.00

Next Monday Clover Hill District BOS member, Art Warren, is having a citizens meeting at Monacan High School to discuss the plans for the new meals tax and accept citizen feedback. I plan to provide him with some of that feedback. How about you?



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